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    3855 Melrose Street
    Macon, GA 31204



    In 1917, Frank C. Amerson, Sr. began what was to become a long family tradition in the construction business. Upon completing a tour of duty in 1948, Frank C. Amerson, Jr. joined his father in business. The third generation F. Carl Amerson, III joined the family business while still in high school, when he began working with his father during the summers. In 1981, Carl branched out, forming his own business, F. Carl Amerson, III, Inc. Then in 1992, the decision was made to merge the two companies, combining their resources to establish a stronger, more efficient business organization. Carl Amerson now serves as President and CEO of the Amerson Construction Company.

    Our reputation as a quality builder and general contractor has earned Amerson a position throughout Georgia as a major competitor in the industry. At Amerson, our key personnnel are extremely qualified and experienced in all aspects of the construction business.

    Amerson Construction is a company built on the premise that quality workmanship, reasonable prices and efficient timetables add up to successful building projects. Amerson offers a variety of construction options that can be adapted to fit one's particular needs.

    • Build from your plans
    • Modify plans to better meet your needs
    • Handle major structural & building renovation, including historical renovation
    • Provide a complete design-build option which includes architectural design, interior design & landscaping services

    We will work efficiently to complete your project in the shortest timeframe possible.

    About Us

    "Construction always begins with an idea. It is from this idea that all other groundwork is laid."
    F. Carl Amerson, III

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